Our Services

Road Transportation and Freight Forwarding

We are able to provide transportation capacities for any departure/destination in Europe.

From small vans for single pallets, to vans, small trucks, and 18 wheelers, our state-of-the-art fleet is in excellent technical and aesthetic condition. We offer our services with an experienced and committed team of professionals. Upon request, we can provide real-time cargo information.

Through our network of trusted subcontractors, we have been successfully carrying out transportation and forwarding tasks that exceed our own capacities, and in line with our own quality standards and under our own liability.


Customs Agency

With great professional experience and up-to-date knowledge of the world’s ever-changing customs regulations, our customs experts provide services in clearing jewelry, royalty-based products (e.g. movies, software) and Far Eastern goods in containers etc. all from our head office located opposite the Hungarian Precious Metal Assaying and Hallmarking Authority (NEHITI).

We have a very good working relationship with most Customs Offices in Budapest. We provide INTRASTAT services and free-of-charge customs consulting services.

Since Hungary’s accession to the European Union, we have been providing our clients with customs clearance for overseas containers at Slovenian and German seaports (no import VAT to be paid upfront).


Factory Hygiene

With long years of experience behind us, we offer the following products and services to our partners:

Skin Protection

Colorant-, silicone- and perfume-free protective hand and facial creams preventing contaminants, primarily prevalent in the engineering industry (i.e. lubricants, oils, greases, non-water based chemicals) from penetrating the skin; also sanitizing gels and impregnated wipes protecting against everyday viruses, bacteria and fungi

Skin Cleansing

Skin cleansing creams, gels and impregnated wipes with effective cleansing and extraordinary skin care effect, thanks to the use of skin-friendly citrus oil extracts developed with today’s demands in mind for the elimination of various contaminants in all segments of industry.

Skin Care

Silicone-, colorant- and perfume-free quick absorbing reconditioning creams with beeswax extract for all skin types, protecting against the damaging effects caused by work and weather conditions

Dispensing Systems

Cost-effective dispensing systems tailored to market demands and suitable for all products in the skin protection, skin cleansing and skin care ranges; also the first sensor-controlled touch-free dispenser system on the market for more economical operation

Hygiene Products

Folded hand and sanitizing wipes and toilet paper in sizes ranging from domestic to industrial, with center-feed dispensers; liquid soaps with dispenser systems. Industrial cleansing products for sanitary, factory and office use; for everyday usage as well as occasional overall cleaning projects

Related Services

  • Assistance in selecting the most suitable hygiene systems
  • Building, hiring and placement of hygiene and sanitary systems
  • Operational management


Occupational Safety

Based on risk assessment and according to required protection capabilities and customer demands, we provide personalized offers for individual protective equipment. We offer individual production, embroidery, screen printing and bar coding of workwear. We sell, hire and clean protective clothing, foot, hand and head protection equipment and other workwear products. Our company can also offer inspections of the anti-fall systems we sell.

Related Services

  • Manufacturing individual workwear
  • Workwear for hire and laundry services
  • Risk assessment
  • Occupational safety training with our expert engineer
  • Noise level measurement
  • Inspection of anti-fall systems
  • Installing consignment warehouses