Greetings on behalf of the ptlogistic Team!

The primary business of our group is international and domestic transportation and forwarding. Our number one goal is to ensure the satisfaction of our clients and customers. Through the years, and in some cases decades, we have developed an exceptionally good relationship with them.

We started offering customs agency services as a one-man operation in 1992. Since 1998, we have been doing business as “Péter és Társa Kft,” a limited liability company. We expanded our activities into transportation and forwarding in 2003. Today, with a fleet of over a dozen heavy trucks, these are our core services.

We operate as an “Authorised Economic Operator” (AEO), recognized by the European Union and fully in line with the EN ISO 9001:2009 standard.

As a natural development of our dynamic growth in recent years, and in order to offer even more developed services to our clients, our wholly owned subsidiary, PT Logistic Sped Kft, was added to our group in 2010. That branch is also driven by our original business philosophy, one which has underpinned the continued success of our venture from the beginning more than twenty years ago.

We are convinced that mutual success can only be reached through keeping in touch with our clients and providing the highest quality they may ever demand. The constant dynamic growth of our clientele, the volume of their orders and the size of our dedicated fleet indicates: we’re going the right way!

Károly Péter
Owner, Managing Director
Péter és Társa Kft

Vilmos Pacor
Managing Director
PT Logistic Sped Kft